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Our Story

FIT & GLOW is a Florida-based company focused on holistic wellness and personal care products inspired and enriched by nature’s healing goodness that has been recognized across cultures and down the ages and is now getting validated by science as well. The company has a strong connection with India, the land of millennia-old herbal healing system of Ayurveda, holistic living and yoga that seek to bring balance not just to body but also to mind and soul.

The company presently has four umbrella brands – WOW, Nutrava, Body Cupid, and Shaving Station – with a rich range of innovative products under each one. These include dietary and nutritional supplements, essential oils and oil blends, innovative personal care products, Ayurvedic plant-based products, and natural, organic skin, beauty and men’s grooming products. However diversified the Fit & Glow product portfolio may be, it is unified by these common ethical values – only natural and most beneficial ingredients, no harmful additives, and convenience of use to suit modern, rushed lifestyles.

As the company grows in size and increases its brand and product portfolio, its next goals are geographical market expansions to Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea & Middle-East.

Mission & Vision

The tenets that guide us, the path that beckons us, and the destination that we aim to arrive at…


Fit &Glow aims to make an incredibly positive difference to people’s wellness quotient by creating nourishing and nurturing products full of natural goodness and thereby becoming a strong and reliable bridge between health-conscious people and nature-enriched products.


We aim to create a healthier world where nature’s holistically nurturing goodness reaches every home, every family, and every person, through easy-to- use products.

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100% Vegan
All of our essential oils are 100% vegan freindly
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Cruelty Free
No animals were tested or used when making these oils
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100% Pure
100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
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Big Savings
Our essential Oils have the best prices in the market