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Wow Philosophy

At the intersection of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom, Wow's Essential Oils and Blend products empower you to claim your best life.

Wow Philosophy

A young and vibrant companythat seemlessly blends two words of traditional holistic wisdom and modern scientific innovation.

FIT & GLOW was established in 2013 by a team of young and health-conscious professionals of Indian ethnicity whose cultural roots were already interwoven with the absolute necessity of living in sync with nature and herbal healing. They looked for natural and healthy nutrition and personal care products but found the markets and ecommerce portals full of synthetic and harmful products that did more harm than good in the longer run. Despaired but spurred to action, and inspired by their own holistic heritage, they then decided to set up a company that would offer pure and nature-enriched products untainted by synthetic, harmful additives. Thus was born FIT & GLOW. A young and vibrant company that seamlessly blends the two words of traditional holistic wisdom and modern scientific innovation.

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100% Vegan
All of our essential oils are 100% vegan freindly
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Cruelty Free
No animals were tested or used when making these oils
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100% Pure
100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
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Big Savings
Our essential Oils have the best prices in the market